Toko Techno

Toko Techno

Event DateNovember 1, 2014

Start Time22:00

End Time04:00


Ofcourse we all remember the magical techno night in February 2014!

We are coming with a huge line up in the new ‘Graanbeurs’ location which will be designed for high quality events in 2 big areas!

Area One ** Toko Techno ** Techno

** Minilab ** Fone Audio
** Kostas Maskalides ** Driving Forces Recordings
** Blanda ** Different is Different Records
** Spark Taberner ** Drowne Records

Area Two ** Gewapend Beton ** Hard Techno

** Enrico Fuerte Bunk3r Records
** C.J. Kloodt
** Koï
** Dunnó

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